4 Great Tips in Choosing Movers

Starting a new leaf in a new home may be thrilling, but relocating starts with endless preparation and careful planning to make it a success. To make it easier for you to overcome the whole event, you may need to invest in hiring the right movers near me to get the job done. These professionals can help you get the burden off your shoulders and get a smooth relocation. Before you let them haul your belongings on their truck, make sure to hire the best moving company for you.

Choosing a moving company is like choosing a doctor who can attend to your concerns. You don’t just select out of necessity though as you would be entrusting not only your money but also your prized possessions. To get the right movers to work for you here is some advice to heed before you sign that contract.


Read online reviews.

One way to slim down your choices is to read moving reviews online on sites such as Yelp to get a bright idea of how they handle their customer’s concerns. You will also get an idea of the level of satisfaction that past clients got from their experience. You don’t always need to look at the star rating though, but you need to see how many reviews a particular company has. If good reviews outweigh the bad ones, you can be sure that the company is reputable in delivering moving services. You may even get some good discounts or special rates through those sites as well, so use them to your advantage. Make sure to check consumer-advocacy sites as well for any blacklisted companies.

Check background, license, and insurance.

Before moving your stuff, the moving company must be licensed to be able to do so. Reputable full service moving companies would be happy to show you their license without any troubles. If you’re embarking on a long distance move, your mover would have a USDOT number to operate. You can check on their website for the information, and you can even check if they are up-to-date with their insurance.

Opt for an in-house estimate.

A phone estimate is not enough for you to get an accurate price. Movers who insist on giving estimates over the phone are not those who would be up for the job. You might be surprised at the additional costs that they may add up after giving a low estimate during your phone call. It’s advisable to get representative from the company to come inside your house to check your actual belongings. Companies who have ample experience can quickly estimate a reasonable price based on how much stuff you have. Let them check every corner of your home – your basement, attic, closets and so on. It’s essential to get the right price that you need.

Cheap is not always right.

You might be baffled in keeping within your budget when hiring movers and the lowest prices might be too tempting to ignore. If you see low ball prices, consider that as a red flag. Most shady companies would lure unexpecting clients with low rates but would charge more for the move. It’s best to compare prices among at least three moving companies to be able to get reasonable prices. Don’t be shy to negotiate lower rates to fit your budget. If hiring movers seem too costly, you can always go for other options such as employing the help of friends and renting a moving van.

Now, with all those advices, you’ll be sure to find the best movers to support you with your relocation blues. Remember to choose carefully and avoid any scams along the way.

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