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You may have just purchased your first house, the house of your dreams, or just needed a change. From the packing, to the lifting, to the unloading, to the sifting; moving is on my list of least favorite things to do right next to “have ingrown toenail surgery. Moving in general has its expenses and hiring a professional mover or doing a DIY move can cost you about the same. Hiring a mover in Jacksonville, Florida is something that is in your best interest.

Jacksonville cheap moving companies

Here are some of the reasons why hiring a Jacksonville mover is the best way to move your items

  • Fast – Movers will be able to give you a date and time that they can deliver all of your possessions to arrive at your new location.
  • Efficient – Bulky items such as furniture or heavy boxes will be handled more efficiently as they have all the equipment to use in transferring your belongings to the truck and later to your new home.
  • Reliability – A moving company has staff that undergo rigorous training to learn the best moving techniques so that they can handle your belongings safe.
  • Peace of Mind – What’s more overwhelming and stressful than planning a move? Professional movers understands the best route to navigate the roads and how to handle your belongings to keep them safe and protected. Knowing that your belongings are in safe hands will give you less stress and ease your mind on your moving day.
  • Accountability – A professional moving company will work to ensure that all of your belongings safely arrives at your doorstep. Without the help of a moving company gives you the responsibility of seeing that your belongings arrive safely adding to the stress during your move.
  • No More Heavy Lifting – Heavy lifting can strain your back or perhaps could lead you to injuries and other health-related issues. Movers have the proper training to do the heavy lifting for you saving you time and energy and avoiding related accidents.

Cost of Hiring A Moving Company in Jacksonville, Florida

Depending on the state, some local moving companies may offer customers a flat rate option for local moves, in addition to the standard hourly rate option.  You’ll also need to add in the cost of packing services and insurance. Don’t forget about the moving supplies you’ll have to buy yourself! There are many important things to consider, remember, and keep in mind when moving house but nothing can possibly compare to knowing (in advance!) how much moving companies charge in various move related scenarios. However, you can expect to see professionalism, experience, excellent service, and affordability – exactly what a high quality mover should offer their customers. The cost of your move will mainly depend on the distance, amount of things to relocate and the cost of the moving company’s services. If you want to know how much do moving companies charge to move cross country or intrastate, you would be best to ask for a quote.

How To Choose A Moving Company in Jacksonville

Taking a systematic approach to select the right moving company for you will help ensure that you hire a mover who truly understands customer care and your specific moving requirements. The best way to determine the professionalism of a moving company is to investigate previous customers’ experiences. When choosing a moving company, it is wise to do some research before making a selection, and to ask your family and friends for the names of companies they recommend. In choosing cheap moving companies in Jacksonville, Duval County 32202, the following checklist can help you find the right answers:

  • Get the details – ask who is responsible for packing and the liabilities when you pack the items yourself.
  • Look for certifications – keep an eye out for certifications from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)’s ProMover certification.
  • Get several quotes – never hire the first company that gives you a reasonable estimate. You should look around for at least three companies to be sure you’re getting the best deal and the best service.
  • Get an in-house estimate – “over the phone” estimate sounds convenient but is a red flag. Make sure a company staff would take a look of your belongings in real life to be accurate in giving an estimate.
  • Read online moving reviews – look for a company that have many reviews and not the ‘star rating’ and if the good reviews outweigh the bad, you can assume they are a reputable company.

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As soon as you have your written estimates from your chosen companies, you can interview them to clarify the details of your moving package. When you have made your final choice for a moving company, they will schedule your move and ensure that everything is ready on moving day.