Moving Checklist

It takes time to move. Planning a move and start clearing your things in good time makes it more comfortable. Follow our checklist with tips on what you need to do and move more smoothly.

Hire a moving company

Take a survey of moving companies – read about them, look at reviews and try for references. Consult friends, acquaintances, and coworkers if they have tips on reliable moving companies.
Book moving company.
Remember to inform the removal company if you have heavy things like the piano. Moving companies often charge extra for moving heavy items.

Move on your own

Book up friends who can help move.
Book a trailer or rent a truck.
Rent or borrow car parts if you have heavy things to move.
Fix moving cartons

A moving carton per square is a rule of thumb.
If you book a moving company, they usually have cartons. Get them in good time before the day of relocation.
Moving, you buy or borrow moving cartons by friends.
Less touch if you plan the move.
Clean and throw – in good time.

This takes longer than you think. If you have lived in the same area for a long time, you probably have accumulated a lot of things that you need to go through.

Begin in the basement and the wind. It might be good to be a bit tough on yourself and question if you are going to save everything.
What you choose, even if it"s complete, clean and working, you can either sell or lower.

Make a plan for packing.

Make a plan for what to pack first and what is the last thing you"re packing down.
Number the boxes and have the labels on all sides – it makes it easier for those who wear and make it easier to find after the move no matter how the cartons are stacked.
Plan for any lighting that must be left to last and which one must be in place first at the new location. It"s hard to fool around and try to move.
Pack valuables in a special bag. Jewelry, watches, cameras and other valuables are best to pack in a container that you carry yourself.

Tips For Moving A Piano

Moving a piano is an arduous challenge. Not only are pianos heavy to raise as well as move, but you can also cause extra damage to your body, to surrounding objects, and the piano itself when you are unaware of the best ways to move the best from one place to another or a new home entirely.

If you plan to move a piano by yourself or with your friends, follow these simple tips that would get you through the whole process. It is important that you guarantee maximum safety at all times. If you are not sure about moving a piano, always seek out the help of a moving company.

  • If you move the piano outside and load it on a vehicle, cover it in plastic to protect it during the action.
  • Make sure the hinge is locked securely, and disassemble any bulky parts if necessary.
  • Verify that the piano is supported from all directions so it has the maximum amount of support.
  • If the piano has legs, ensure that all types of movements that you do do not stress or bend your legs.
  • Equal balance weight is spread to every person who is moving the piano. If it gets unbalanced along the process, stop to bring back the balance and move again. Take this process gradually.
  • Make sure the path is ready, and there are no blockages.
  • Move carefully and slowly. Moving a piano without rushing is the best way to make sure neither the people or the item will be involved in an accident.
  • You can use dollies designed for the sole purpose of moving pianos. This does not mean moving the piano will certainly be easier. It just means that it could make transportation a little easier.

Understand that by moving a piano yourself, you can place on you and others at risk. Just move a piano yourself if you absolutely need or can not afford professional movers.